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Our Mission and Our Commitments

Create, Inspire, Preserve

Welcome to the world of Oh Happy Games, where our passion for board games mixes with a deep respect for our planet and its inhabitants. As a games publisher based in France, we are committed to offering enriching gaming experiences, while preserving natural resources and promoting cultural diversity.

Respect the Earth, Our Playground:

  • FSC Certified Paper: Every game we produce proudly carries the FSC Mixed label, guaranteeing that materials come from well-managed forests and other controlled sources. By choosing our FSC® certified games, you contribute to the responsible management of the planet's forests. Learn more

FSC Label FSC-N004368

  • Certification EcoFriendly Game : We are proud to offer you EcoFriendly certified games, attesting to our commitment to environmentally friendly production. This certification is a symbol of our dedication to sustainable practices.



Value Diversity and Inclusion

  • Games for All, Games That Bring Together: We firmly believe in a world where everyone has their place. That's why our games celebrate diversity in all its forms. By creating inclusive games, we invite each player to discover and respect the cultural riches that surround us.

Transparency and Accountability

  • Ethical and Transparent Production: We are committed to maintaining the greatest transparency about the origin and manufacturing process of our games. Our customers deserve to know the impact of every purchase, and we strive to provide this information in a clear and accessible manner.

Join Our Mission

  • Your Support, Our Strength: By choosing Oh Happy Games, you're not just buying a game - you're supporting a vision, a commitment to our planet and its people. Explore our collection of games and join us in this exciting and responsible adventure!