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Discover all our ideas for activities with friends


Each of us certainly has a myriad of precious memories etched in our minds, moments of joy and bursts of laughter shared with friends. In our never-ending quest for happiness, we often realize that the most precious moments are those we share with our close friends. It is in this spirit that we approach the subject of this article: activities to do with friends. 

The need for social belonging is a fundamental human characteristic. We love coming together, sharing experiences, creating memories, and strengthening our bonds. Sometimes, however, we can find ourselves out of ideas for how to spend time together in meaningful and entertaining ways.

This article aims to inspire, spark creativity and to promote interaction between friends. We'll explore a variety of activities, from outdoor adventures to at-home themed parties to new virtual trends. We will also discuss practical considerations for planning and organizing these activities. 

Whether it's strengthening existing relationships or building new ones, we hope this article helps you bring unforgettable moments with your pals to life. Because after all, as the saying goes, “friends are the family we choose.”

You can plan indoor activities with friends

even though outdoor adventures are always fun, indoor activities also have their charm. They're perfect for bad weather days or just when you want to spend some quiet time indoors.

A board game activity, ideal for friends

If you are interested, you can also organize an activity board game with your friends. This can allow you to share a moment of complicity to strengthen the bonds you have with your loved ones. Here is a selection of games selected just for you for activities to do with friends.

The imposter

In this captivating game that is the Imposter , each player is confronted with a secret word, except the Impostor. Participants take turns sharing a clue word related to the secret word, while getting creative to cover their tracks.

The challenge for players is to unmask the Impostor while avoiding being caught by the latter, who strives to blend in and discover the secret word thanks to clues from other players.

Finding the balance is essential: be strategic so as not to arouse the Impostor's suspicions, but avoid being too subtle so as not to be accused in turn.

Will you be able to go unnoticed as an Impostor, or will the group discover your identity? Easy to learn in just a few minutes, this game promises hours of thrilling entertainment!

Shitty choice

💩 Discover " Choice of Shit - The Game of Extreme Situations 💀", the board game that will challenge you to test your moral courage in the face of absurd situations! Perfectly suited to fans of dark humor and those who like to make tricky choices, this game is often compared to an extreme version of the famous game "Would You Rather?".

🤓 Easy to learn, the game works simply and effectively: each player takes on the role of judge and combines 2 cards to create a dilemma. Then the other players vote to choose the situation they prefer. To accumulate points and win the game, you will have to make the same choice as the majority!

💀 Prepare yourself to face dilemmas that are much more difficult than simple culinary choices. The situations that await you in “Choice of Shit” are on a whole new level 👿.

🔁 With no less than 300 cards and hundreds of possible combinations, the game is infinitely replayable, offering an inexhaustible gaming experience and heated debates!

🥳 🎉 Spice up your evenings, weekends, bachelorette parties, birthdays and moments with friends with this scandalous game which guarantees an explosive atmosphere. Its portable format makes it easy to transport, so you can take it anywhere with you.

🔞 “Choice of Shit” is not a lace, it is a politically incorrect and impertinent party game. It is clearly not recommended for sensitive and narrow-minded people 😉. So, if you have a taste for adventure and dark humor, this game is for you!

Organize one of the themed evenings

THE theme evenings are a great way to spice up your get-togethers with friends. Whether it's a movie night, or even a costume party, these events create an environment fun and interactive which promotes laughter and entertainment. It is always exciting to see the effort and creativity that everyone puts into the chosen theme, which adds a touch of excitement and anticipation to the event.

Create culinary workshops

Prepare and share a meal is one of the oldest social traditions. Organizing a culinary workshop with friends can be a fun and satisfying way to spend time together. Whether you decide to cook a shared meal, have a baking competition, or even organize a wine and cheese tasting, these activities offer an opportunity to share culinary talents and enjoy delicious dishes together.

You can create cultural activities

Learning And appreciation culture can be excellent activities to Share with your friends. Planning a visit to a local museum, attending a theater performance, or simply hosting an evening of listening to music or reading poetry at home are all ways to entertain yourself while enriching your mind.


Do outdoor activities with friends

Nothing beats fresh air to stimulate the mind and promote good humor. Outdoor activities are a great way to connect with nature while having a good time with friends. 


Sports activities


Practice a group sport can be a source of fun and stimulating challenges. From mountain hikes to bike rides, including water sports like kayaking or sailing, these activities offer a unique opportunity to strengthen friendships while promoting physical well-being. And this, without forgetting adrenaline and satisfaction which accompany the achievement of a joint performance!


Organize trips and excursions with friends


Schedule a journey or a excursion with your friends can be a exciting adventure in itself. Whether you decide to go on a road trip, spend a weekend camping, or explore a foreign city, these experiences create unforgettable memories. Exploring new cultures, seeing stunning landscapes, and creating tons of memories are just some of the many benefits of group travel.


Plan picnics and barbecues


What could be more pleasant than finding yourself in a park or in a garden for a picnic or one barbecue between friends ? These moments allow us to share a meal in a relaxed atmosphere and friendly. Preparing a meal together, tasting a variety of dishes, laughing and chatting in a relaxed atmosphere are all moments that strengthen the bonds of friendship. Additionally, these events are usually easy to organize and do not require a huge budget.

Plan digital activities 

HAS the digital age, friendships are no longer limited by geographic distance. Virtual activities allow you to stay connected and share fun experiences, no matter where you are.

Play video games online

THE video games online offer a fantastic platform for entertainment and social interaction. Whether it's cooperative adventure games, competitive strategy challenges, or just relaxing casual games, playing online with your friends can be incredibly fun. Plus, there are plenty of games to suit all tastes and skill levels.

You can organize a time to watch films or series simultaneously

With the arrival of streaming platforms, watching films or series together has never been easier, even from a distance. Browser extensions allow you to synchronize playback, so you can all watch the same movie or series at the same time. Add a video chat or live chat, and you get a virtual movie night.

Create group chats and virtual meetings

Sometimes the best activity can simply be a good conversation. Virtual meetings allow friends to come together to chat, laugh and share stories, whether via video or chat. Whether you host a trivia night, a virtual book club, or simply a catch-up session, these moments of connection can be just as valuable as any more structured activity.

While virtual activities will never completely replace meeting in person, they offer a flexible and accessible solution for maintaining connection and sharing experiences with your friends, wherever you are.

Some practical advice for organizing your activities with friends

To plan And organize of the activities with friends can sometimes seem intimidating. However, with a little preparation and consideration, the process can be simplified and made more enjoyable. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

The key to success: Planning and organization

There schedule coordination and defining a budget are essential steps in organizing any group activity. It is important to choose a date and an hour which are suitable for all participants. When it comes to the budget, make sure it is affordable for everyone to avoid any discomfort or tension. L'use of apps Planning or sharing expenses can be helpful in managing these aspects.

Some precautions to take so that your activity with friends goes as smoothly as possible

There health, there security and respect for the environment are essential considerations when planning activities with friends. Whether you are in outdoor or indoor, it is important to ensure the safety of all participants. Additionally, when outdoors, be careful to minimize your environmental impact respecting the “no trace” rules. Finally, during virtual activities, digital privacy and security should be respected.

Remember that the main goal is to have a good time together. Planning and organizing should not become a source of stress, but rather an opportunity to create an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Whether you choose a outdoor adventure, a quiet evening at home, A exhilarating journey or a virtual meeting, THE real gem of all these activities is the opportunity to create memories and strengthen bonds with your friends. Every encounter, every laugh shared, every challenge overcome together adds to the rich tapestry of your friendship.

It is important to remember that the choice of activity should always be dictated by the goal of spending time quality together. It's not necessarily what you do that matters most, but rather the shared experience and connection you create with your friends.

In an ever-changing world, take the time to cherish these moments. They are precious and irreplaceable. As a proverb says: "Good friends are like the stars. You don't always see them, but you know they are always there."

We hope this article inspires you to explore new activities with your friends and continue building unforgettable memories together. Because, after all, friendship is one of the most beautiful adventures in life.