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Activity to do as a family: All our ideas


THE moments spent with family are priceless, and shared activities play a vital role in creating lasting connections and unforgettable memories. Whether you are a parent or a grandparent, finding activities suitable for all members of the family can sometimes be difficult. This article offers you a complete guide to inspire you, with a variety of captivating activities that will delight young and old alike.

Indoor activities 

When the days are rainy or winter is in full swing, indoor activities are a great option for family fun.

Board games for all ages 

Nothing better than a game of board games to bring the whole family around the table. Discover fun activities to strengthen family bonds

Pass from family time is essential for creating strong bonds and unforgettable memories. Whether you are a parent or grandparent, it is important to share special moments with your loved ones. In this article, we offer you a variety of activities, from entertaining games to creative activities and deep conversations, so that young and old can have fun together and get to know each other better.

Quiz game: Do you really know your family?

The quiz game "Do you really know your family?" is a fun and interactive way to test your knowledge about your family members. Spend time as a family having fun and learning about each other. Prepare for moments of laughter and unforgettable memories with this game entertaining card game that will put your knowledge about your family members to the test. Compete by answering riddles about your family members to determine who knows them best, while completing fun challenges together. This game is ideal for livening up family gatherings and sparking conversations.

Advantages of the game:

  • Strengthen family bonds by having fun together.
  • Discover new things about your loved ones.
  • Promote exchange and communication within the family.
  • Easy to play, suitable for all ages.

Family conversations: Create unique moments

Share special moments together to strengthen empathy, compassion and trust within your family. Discover your loved ones on a deeper level with questions designed to strengthen your gaming family bonds Family conversations. Promote intergenerational exchanges and the transmission of knowledge.

Suggested conversation topics:

  • Present a selection of meaningful questions about dreams, spirituality, love and social relationships.
  • Encourage participants to share their thoughts and personal experiences.

Ease of use : The rules of the game are simple to follow, you can start playing immediately. This game is adaptable to various situations such as family dinners, vacations, road trips, family reunions or camping trips.

Discover other ideas for activities to do indoors with the family

  1. Creative and DIY workshops: Give free rein to imagination of everyone by organizing creative workshops. Painting, DIY, jewelry making, the possibilities are endless and allow everyone to show their creativity.
  2. Family cooking sessions: Involve young and old in preparing delicious meals. Cooking together strengthens family cohesion while passing on culinary knowledge.
  3. Cinema evenings and film screenings: Establish movie nights at home by choosing films suitable for each member of the family. Prepare some tasty snacks and enjoy some relaxing time together.
  4. Educational video games: Video games can also be educational. Opt for games that stimulate thinking, creativity and cognitive skills, while sharing fun moments.
  1. Family talent competition: Organize a talent competition where each member of the family can show off their skills, whether it's singing, dancing, performing magic, or even reciting poems.
  1. Family video game night: Choose multiplayer video games suitable for all ages for a fun and friendly evening of competition.
  2. Home theater evening: Transform your living room into a small theater and encourage each member of the family to improvise plays, comedy sketches or re-enact scenes from famous films. Make sure to capture these hilarious moments with a camera to relive them together later.
  3. Creative recycling day: Organize a day dedicated to the art of creative recycling. Use recyclable materials such as cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls, etc., to create original and fun objects. This is a great opportunity to learn the importance of preserving the environment while having fun.

Outdoor activities 

Enjoy the great outdoors and nature offers an experience rich in emotions and discoveries for the whole family. Discover here all our ideas to do outdoors.

  1. Picnics and hikes: Go on an adventure by organizing picnics in parks or in the forest, followed by a nice hike. Nature offers an ideal setting to recharge your batteries as a family.
  2. Sports and fun activities: Play ball, frisbee, organize races or friendly competitions. THE sporting activities strengthen family cohesion while promoting physical activity.
  3. Traditional outdoor games: Rediscover old-fashioned games like skipping rope, hopscotch or pétanque. These simple games but fun will make everyone happy.
  4. Discovery of fauna and flora: Go for a walk to discover the local fauna and flora. Take advantage of this to introduce young people to a love of nature.
  5. Family water activities: If you are lucky enough to be near a body of water, take the opportunity to swim, canoe or simply relax by the water.
  1. Giant treasure hunt: Create riddles and clues for a treasure hunt giant in the garden or in a local park. An activity full of suspense and adventure for young and old.
  1. Stargazing: Wait until nightfall and head outside to stargaze. Learn together to identify the constellations and tell stories about the cosmos.
  2. Garden talent show: Host an outdoor talent show in the local garden or park. Prepare invitations for friends and neighbors, and invite them to attend this fun and interactive family event.

Cultural and educational activities 

Enrich your mind while having fun with cultural and educational activities.

  1. Visits to museums and historical sites: Plan family outings to visit museums and historical sites. These tours are both entertaining and educational.
  2. Theater outings and shows: Treat yourself to outings to the theater or shows suitable for all ages. The living arts will amaze young and old.
  3. Libraries and interactive readings: Go to the library as a family and share the pleasure of reading. Choose interactive books to arouse the enthusiasm of young ones.
  4. Scientific activities and fun experiments: Do simple science experiments at home together. These activities stimulate curiosity and the spirit of observation.
  5. Practicing foreign languages ​​as a family: Learn a new language together through games, songs and fun conversations.
  1. Creating a family journal: Start a family journal where each member can share their thoughts, drawings, anecdotes or stories. A fun way to keep track of precious family moments.
  1. Introduction to photography: Give each member of the family a camera (or use the one on your smartphone) and explore the world through each person's eyes. Then organize an exhibition of the best photos taken by the family.
  2. Discovery of foreign cultures: Choose a different country each month and explore together its culture, cuisine, customs and crafts. Prepare a typical meal of the country to enjoy with your family, learn a few words in its language and do research to better understand its traditions.

Seasonal and festive activities 

Celebrate the seasons and festivities with activities specially designed for the occasion.

  1. Christmas activities: Prepare for the magic of Christmas by making decorations, baking Christmas cookies and visiting festive markets.
  2. Summer activities: Make the most of summer by organizing water games, treasure hunts and friendly BBQ evenings.
  3. Easter activities: Go on an egg hunt, make spring crafts and celebrate this holiday with your family.
  4. Halloween activities: Have fun making spooky costumes, carving pumpkins and planning a spooky party.
  5. Family celebrations: Celebrate birthdays and other special events with activities suited to every occasion.
  1. Home theater festival: Choose a cinematic theme (e.g. superheroes, pirates, fairy tales) and organize a special day dedicated to showing films related to that theme.
  1. “Budding Chef” Day: Organize a special day where each member of the family becomes a “Budding Chef”. Everyone prepares a dish or snack, then everyone comes together to taste and savor the culinary creations.
  2. Camping in the garden: For those who love the outdoors, organize a backyard camping party. Pitch the tent together, build a safe campfire, tell scary stories, and enjoy roasted marshmallows as a family.

THE family activities are essential to strengthen emotional ties and create lasting memories. Whether indoor, outdoor, cultural or festive activities, the important thing is to spend time together and have fun. feel free to share your own ideas of family activities in the comments, because each contribution enriches the community of happy families. Stay tuned for our next articles to discover new ideas and suggestions for unique family moments.