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The Imposter - Can You Expose Him? Bluff, creativity, puns and suspicions! 🕵

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  • 🕵 A game of word associations, bluffs and suspicions that you will have a lot of fun while challenging your creativity.
  • 👀In each round, every player knows the secret word, except the impostor. Each player takes turns sharing a clue word that is related to the secret word.
  • 💡 So the aim of the game for the players is to find out who the imposter is as he has to try to get through by avoiding suspicion and trying to figure out the secret word using the clues given by the other players.
  • 🙊 If you don't think hard enough, the imposter will see through what's going on and can easily hide. If you're too subtle, you run the risk of being accused of being a scammer yourself.
  • 🚷 Can you go unnoticed as an impostor or will the group expose you? Learn the game in minutes and play for hours!
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"The Impostor" is an extremely popular board game for families and friends. It is a game suitable for children aged 10 and over as well as adults and offers enough entertainment for both groups. Whether as a fun pastime or an opportunity to bond with friends and family, The Impostor is a game that can be enjoyed by all ages. So whether you are a teenager hanging out with friends or a family looking to have a fun time together, The Imposter is the perfect game for you.
The Impostor is a fun board game that makes a perfect gift for the whole family and also works as a party game for adults. In summary, The Impostor offers a lot of entertainment and fun as a board game for family and friends and is a perfect way to spend time together and create memories.