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Activities to do at home: Discover all our ideas!


When the doors to the outside world seem to close, it is often inside our homes that we find comfort and inspiration. In a world where the hectic pace of modern life can leave us exhausted, it's no surprise that more and more people are rediscovering the joy of activities at home. Whether it's to unwind after a long day at work, to connect with loved ones, or simply to explore new passions, our homes have transformed into playgrounds for our creativity and personal growth.

Among the various possible activities, board games hold a special place in our hearts. These gems of strategy and fun are timeless and span the ages, bringing friends and families together around the same table for unforgettable moments. They are a reflection of our innate desire to play, to challenge and to be challenged, and they add a layer of excitement and competition to our daily lives.

In this article, we'll explore the magic of board games and how they can enrich our time at home. We will also present other enriching activities that you can adopt to diversify your leisure activities at home. Whether you are a keen strategist eager for intellectual challenges or simply looking for an activity to relax and have a good time, you will find something that suits you here. So, embark with us on this journey through the fascinating world of activities at home. Ready for adventure?

Board games: A timeless classic

From ancient Egypt to our modern living rooms, board games have always been a popular way to entertain yourself and connect with others. They invite us to strategic thinking, stimulate our imagination and offer an opportunity to have a good time in good company. In these times when life at home has taken on predominant importance, board games are more relevant than ever.

Let us introduce you to three board games that our company is pleased to offer you.

L'Impostor is a game of skill, creativity and strategy that challenges your skills of rapid deduction and decision-making under pressure. Each round, all players know the secret word, except the Impostor. Each player takes turns sharing a clue word related to the secret word. The goal for the players is to unmask the Impostor while he must blend in with the crowd by escaping suspicion and discovering the secret word thanks to clues from other players. Pay attention to your strategy, don't be too obvious otherwise the Imposter will understand what it is, but don't be too subtle either because you could be accused in your turn. Can you go unnoticed as an impostor or will the group unmask you?

Do you Really Know Your Family? is a calmer, more reflective game, perfect for quiet family evenings. This quiz game will test your knowledge about your family members. Prepare for moments of laughter and unforgettable memories with this entertaining card game that will become your family's favorite! Compete by answering riddles about your family members to see who knows them best, while completing fun challenges together.

Family Conversations is a game that creates bridges between generations, encourages dialogue, exchange and the transmission of knowledge. With 220 questions designed to strengthen your family bonds, you'll have the opportunity to better understand the people you care about most. Discuss meaningful topics such as dreams, spirituality, love and social relationships. Get ready for hours of stimulating and exciting conversations!

Beyond simple fun, these board games offer many benefits. They help develop social skills, strengthen connections and encourage critical thinking. They're also a great way to disconnect from digital devices and enjoy a more tangible, authentic activity.

Whether you are looking to liven up an evening with friends, organize a family activity or simply relax alone, our board games are here to entertain and challenge you. So, which one will you choose for your next game night?

Other popular activities to do at home

Board games are undoubtedly a great way to spend time as a group at home, but there are also a multitude of other activities that can bring friends and family together. 

The kitchen

The cuisine and group baking can turn an everyday task into a fun social activity. Hosting a cooking workshop where each person is responsible for a dish or part of the meal can be a great way to spend time together. Plus, everyone can learn new recipes and cooking techniques.

Cinema evenings

Movie nights are another great option. Thanks to the streaming platforms available today, you can organize a marathon of movies or series, complete with homemade popcorn and cozy blankets. You can also set up a voting system so that everyone has the opportunity to share their favorite films.

A group artistic activity

Group artistic activities, such as painting, craft or music workshops, can stimulate creativity and self-expression. They also provide an excellent opportunity for sharing and mutual learning. 

Do some physical activity as a family

Group workouts can also be a fun and healthy option. Whether it's yoga, dance, or a high-intensity workout, exercising together can be motivating and help maintain a regular exercise routine.

The important thing, whatever the choice of activity, is to encourage interaction, sharing and fun. The best activities are often those that create lasting memories, strengthen bonds and provide opportunities to laugh together.

How to choose an activity to do at home as a group

The choice of activity to do as a group at home depends on several factors. Here are some points to consider to help you make your choice:

First, identify common interests. An activity will be all the more enjoyable if it appeals to all participants. It can be helpful to discuss the different options together and seek consensus on what everyone would like to do.

Next, consider the time available. Some group activities, such as a large cooking dinner, may require several hours, while others, such as a quick board game or movie, may be shorter. Make sure the activity you choose fits the time you have available.

Also consider the number of participants. Some activities are better suited to large groups, such as a movie night, while others may be more suited to small groups, such as a painting workshop.

Finally, consider your budget. Although many group activities can be done inexpensively or for free, others may require an initial investment, such as purchasing art materials or board games.

Remember, the purpose of group activities at home is to strengthen bonds, create memories and have fun. Whatever activity you choose, make sure it promotes interaction, sharing and fun.

The importance of quality time and digital disconnection

In our modern, ultra-connected world, it's easy to get caught up in a sea of ​​digital demands. Emails, social media notifications, calls, messages – our digital devices are constantly buzzing, demanding our immediate attention. However, it is essential to recognize that these distractions, although sometimes necessary, can prevent us from fully enjoying the present moment, particularly during our moments of relaxation and leisure at home.

When we organize group activities at home, such as a board game evening, a cooking session or an art workshop, it is a golden opportunity to disconnect from these digital distractions and refocus on the essentials: our human relationships. This time spent together, without the background noise of our devices, allows us to deepen our connection with others, strengthen our bonds and experience moments of pure fun.

It's also important to note that disconnecting from the digital world doesn't just mean ignoring notifications or putting our phone on silent. It is also about abandoning the urgency that characterizes our digital life, this constant pressure to respond immediately to each request. By putting aside our screens during these quality moments, we grant ourselves the right to live at our own pace, savor each moment and enjoy the company of our loved ones without distraction.

These group activities are also a great way to show younger people the importance of digital disconnection. This is an opportunity to teach them that while technology is a wonderful tool that offers us incredible possibilities, it is equally important to know when to turn off our screens and focus on more tangible and personal activities.

In conclusion, digitally disconnecting during our activities at home is not only beneficial for our mental and emotional well-being, but it also enriches our interactions and strengthens our connections with others. So, during your next board game evening or cooking workshop, why not try putting your devices aside and fully enjoying the pleasure of being together?

Time spent at home with friends or family is a great opportunity to strengthen bonds, create memories and have fun. Whether you opt for an evening of exciting board games that our company offers, a group cooking session, a movie night, an art workshop or even a joint workout session, each activity has its own charm.

Remember that the choice of activity should be guided by your common interests, the time you have available, the number of participants and your budget. There are no bad choices, and the variety of options available ensures that every group can find an activity that suits them.

The main thing, beyond the chosen activity, is the pleasure you take in being together. Whether you spend an evening laughing over a board game, enjoying a dish you cooked together, watching a favorite movie, or creating a collective work of art, the most important thing is to enjoy every moment.

So, what will be your next group activity at home? Whatever you decide, we hope you have a fantastic time.